Sales Services

Callers want their call answered and a missed call is a missed opportunity. Qualified leads are essential for a growing business and surely one cannot afford to miss even a single prospect. Arden Alliance Management is a leading company for sales call services.

Providing the Best Customer Support

Growing business may lack required infrastructure and time to answer each call that comes their way. With every phone call, comes a business opportunity and the advanced call centers services provided by Arden Alliance Management staff harness this potential for your business growth and commercial success.

Almost 50% of callers don’t call back if their call is not replied the very first time. Moreover, a delay in response may annoy them. Thus, you may require superior call answering services for your organization growth. Arden Alliance Management is amongst leading call centers providing effective 24-hour call answering service.

Improve your business communications with our affordable sales call services. Contact us directly to see how you can benefit from using our services.

Inquiry Handling

Inquiry handling is a concept of answering customer queries related to a product or service. Often, customers are unable to understand the product specifications completely and may not get the intended purpose accurately and that’s when inquiry handling comes in handy.

Almost, 50% of customers need guidance for the proper handling of devices or using services effectively. Moreover, almost 70% of customers need help initially for setting up a product or subscribing to a new service.

Bottom line:

Facts and figure, thus hint towards the need for effective customer inquiry handling. As one of the best call center service providers in the USA, we realize this requirement to reality. Arden Alliance Management is ready to offer you the highest quality of customer inquiry handling 24/7.

Needless to mention, most of the queries are made through inbound telephonic calls. Inbound calling is not only an effective way for inquiring services but also a quick measure to avail help. We assure our clients with inquiry handling in a time-bounded way.

At Arden Alliance Management, a dedicated team of experienced and skilled professionals is maintained for all customer inquiry handling services. We have a zero-wait time for most of our inbound inquiry handling services, which are best-in-class and deploy some of the best measures and industry practices to answer each call that comes our way.

Support Services

Growing businesses may lack required infrastructure and time to answer each call that comes their way which is critical for your existing customers looking for support.

We are amongst leading call centers providing effective 24-hour support service.

With our support services we easily stay in contact with your customers and they will get instant solutions to all their queries. This can be done with minimal wait times and effective call management used at Arden Alliance Management.

Apart from these benefits you also get customer feedback, a detailed report, round the clock support and much-desired professionalism in all interactions. Also, you don’t need any extra personnel for call management and the extra burden on infrastructure is reduced

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based out of?
We our based out of Arizona and Arkansas. We have two call center locations to provider geographically diverse call centers.
Do you provider 24/7 services?
Yes, we provide 24/7x365 for all of our products.
Do you require contracts?
For most services we offer we do not require a contract.
Do you provide any advance network services?
We actually do. We can provide a full line of networking services for Data Centers, Telco Providers, and just about anyone with a network. Contact us and we can talk more about your requirements.

100% focused on helping companies achieve their customer experience goals

01. Inbound

Arden Alliance Management enables you to handle any type of inbound call instantaneously.

02. Support

Arden Alliance Management can provide tier 1, 2, and even engineering support for your customers.

03. Recording

The recording module is fully integrated in the Arden Alliance Management system. It can record inbound, outbound conversations based on the recording rules defined in the supervisor application.